by Andreas Schroeder
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Ten classic stories about cunning plans and daring escapades. Of all the crimes that human beings commit, stealing is probably the most common. Thieves!, the latest in the True Stories from the Edge series, brings ten exciting stories of master thieves and their master crimes. Willie Sutton was casing a bank when he noticed that the manager looked a lot like Sutton himself, so he walked into the vault, loaded up with banknotes, and calmly walked out. D.B. Cooper hijacked a plane, demanded $200,000 in payment, and parachuted from the aircraft. He was never captured. Readers will find nothing but high-stakes action in Thieves!. Though many of the bandits ended their careers broke and disillusioned, these impresarios of crime make for great reading.

about the author
Andreas Schroeder has been a full-time writer for over 30 years. His fiction, non- fiction, radio dramas, journalism, translations, and criticism have appeared in over 200 publications. He lives on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast.

by Carolyn Jackson
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Six-year-old Maxine is dog crazy. She draws dogs, she has dogs on her T-shirts, she even drags home neighbors’ dogs in the hopes that her parents will let them stay. On a walk to the park with her big brother, Hugh, Maxine stops every time she sees a dog, hoping for a kiss or a tail-wag from the four-footed friends she adores. Hugh and some of the pet owners she meets along the way teach Maxine how to know when it is safe to approach, how to greet, and what to do to ensure a happy experience for both child and canine. Whether they’re small or big dogs, working or guard dogs, old or young dogs, even aggressive dogs, Maxine learns how best to deal with each situation. And though she aches to have them all, she is about to find out that the best dog is her own dog — the squiggly surprise her parents have waiting for her. Written so that young children can learn to “read” dog language, the veterinarian-approved information is presented in a charming storyline that is sure to appeal to young children.

about the author
Carolyn Jackson has been a journalist and book editor for longer than she cares to admit. She has a Journalism degree from Ryerson University and was an editor and travel writer for newspapers before becoming editor of Air Canada’s enRoute magazine. Following fifteen years in Montreal as the editorial director of a publishing company, she is back in her hometown of Toronto where she divides her time between writing and editing and grandparenting. Her other books for children include The Flying Ark, Animals! A Big Information Book, and The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids.

by Edgar Allan Poe
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Visions in Poetry is an exciting and unique series of classic poems illustrated by outstanding contemporary artists in stunning hardcover editions. The fifth book in the series, Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven," delves into the hidden horrors of the human psyche. Originally published in 1845, the poem is narrated by a melancholy scholar brooding over Lenore, a woman he loved who is now lost to him. One bleak December at midnight, a raven with fiery eyes visits the scholar and perches above his chamber door. Struggling to understand the meaning of the word his winged visitant repeats - "Nevermore!" - the narrator descends by stages into madness. Illustrator Ryan Price's exquisitely grim illustrations suggest a background story shaped by the narrator's guilt, embodied in the terrifying figure of the raven. Price's drypoint technique, with its rich blacks and feathery lines, perfectly captures the nightmarish atmosphere of this unforgettable poem.


by Wallace Edwards
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Wally was planning to do his science project on his pet iguana. But just as he was getting started, he made a major discovery sure to rock the scientific community. He saw a dinosaur. Not a fossil, but a real dinosaur, right outside his bedroom window. Dinosaurs are alive - and living among us. In fact, they are right in Wally's backyard! With the aid of stunning eyewitness accounts, The Extinct Files: My Science Project details the habitat, diet, grooming, health and fitness, communication and recreation of the contemporary dinosaurs, and much more. Wally has done his homework and it shows. His project follows tried-and-true scientific methodology and contains page after page of photographic evidence. But his shocking conclusion shows that today's dinos guard their privacy fiercely ...


by Julie Lawson
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