The following Shelters have received Book and Gift Certificate donations from Fine Print and

Beatrice House
"One of the mothers has started a Homework and Learning Centre three times a week, and she was delighted to see all the books! They will be used to create a small library, so that everyone can enjoy them."

Debbie Chiasson, Executive Director, Beatrice House

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North York Women's Shelter
"The books for abused women and children provided through the Fine Print Outreach Program will offer a glimpse of the world: a world of escape wherein dreams do come true; a world of harsh reality where they can identify with others who have had similar experiences and yet despite incredible odds overcome and go on to share their lives in a meaningful way. These are but a few of the possibilities now available to women and children at the North York Womens Shelter through your Fine Print Outreach Program."

Nadia MacKay, Counsellor, North York Women's Shelter.

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Youth Without Shelter
"To give gift certificates to purchase books is a wonderfully sensitive and dignified way to provide books to those who are experiencing a housing crisis."

Kathryn Waugh, Executive Director, Youth Without Shelter

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Street Haven at Crossroads
"Providing clothing, meals, support, counselling and housing assistance are some of the services we offer. You have donated items that are certainly appreciated by the women we serve. As we come to an end of our 36th year, donations from like these are essential in order to keep our doors open."

Peggy Ann Walpole, C. M., RN., Executive Director, Street Haven at Crossroads

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Interval House
"Through the Fine Print Outreach Program, our residents will be able to enjoy the pleasure of reading, and hopefully through the power and imagination of story telling, help lift their spirits and inspire their dreams."

Nadine Chan, Resource Development Officer, Interval House.

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"For women and children who are in crisis due to poverty and violence, the access to books brings pleasure, escape from pain and learning. This is an essential part to assisting women in dealing with the trauma they have experienced and beginning the process of healing."

Cindy Cowan, Executive Directork Nellie’s

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