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Show 15
The Lost Amazon by Wade Davis
Featured Guests: - Wade Davis
Show 14
Here Be Dragons by Peter C. Newman
Featured Guests: - Peter C. Newman
Show 13
The Master by Colm Tóibín
Featured Guests: - Colm Toibin
Show 12
Breathing Underwater by Dr. Joe MacInnis
Featured Guests: - Dr. Joe MacInnis
Show 11
TREE, A Life Story by David Suzuki  and Wayne Grady
Featured Guests: - David Suzuki
Show 10
Suddenly Silver, Celebrating 25 Years For Better or For Worse, The Lives Behind the Lines by Lynn Johnston
Featured Guests: - Lynn Johnston
Show 9
Blinking With Fists by Billy Corgan
Featured Guests: - Billy Corgan
Show 8
The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty by Kitty Kelley
Featured Guests: - Kitty Kelly
Show 7
This Terrible Business Has Been Good To Me  by Norman Jewison
Featured Guests: - Norman Jewison
Show 6
Sir Winston Churchill: His Life and His Paintings  by Minnie Churchill  and David Coombs
Featured Guests: - Minnie Churchhill
Show 5
Lord Black, The Biography by George Tombs
Shades of Black: Conrad Black - His Rise and Fall by Richard Siklos
Featured Guests: - George Tombs, Richard Siklos, Debbie Melnyk
Show 4
Jeanne Unbottled: Adventures In High Style by Jeanne Beker
Featured Guests: - Jeanne Beker , Alexandra Palmer (Author/Head of Textiles & Costume), Ceri Marsh (Fashion Magazine), Sandra Martin (Globe and Mail), Moses Znaimer (former head of CHUM)
Show 3
Forever Barbie by M.G. Lord
Featured Guests: - MG Lord, Ceri Marsh, Sandra Martin, Jeanne Beker
Show 2
Terry Fox: His Story by Leslie Scrivener
Featured Guests: - Darrell Fox, Betty Fox (mother) , Leslie Scrivener
Show 1
Diana, In Pursuit of Love by Andrew Morton
Featured Guests: - Andrew Morton

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