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by Frances Stonor Saunders
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This is the story of an age when everything came to have a price, when the mercenary companies werevastly rich corporations with their own accountants, lawyers, and orators. It was also a time of cultural greatness, creating the ferment that would give birth to the Renaissance. In The Devilís Broker, Stonor Saunders creates a glittering and hard-edged evocation of an era peopled by characters ranging from the great poets Chaucer, Petrarch, and Boccaccio to St. Catherine of Siena, a succession of corrupt, incompetent, and venal popes, and the tyrannical Visconti family of Milan. Brilliant and drivingly readable, The Devilís Broker vividly recreates a complex man and a fascinating era.

about the author
Frances Stonor Saunders is a producer of arts documentaries for Channel 4 and the BBC. A graduate of Oxford, she lived in Rome before returning to take up residence in London. She is the author of Who Paid the Piper?: The CIA and the Cultural Cold War, for which shewon the Gladstone History Prize.
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