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by Nancy Gay Rotstein
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Nancy-Gay Rotstein’s poetry has been hailed for its powerful imagery, perceptive insights and universal appeal. Her exquisite new collection, This Horizon And Beyond, brings together landmark poems of previous collections with those appearing in print for the first time. Included are poems from her travels through China as one of the early Westerners to enter that country after the Cultural Revolution as well as those poems capturing the stages in a family’s life written over a twenty-year period and purposely held for publication as a unit. “Her poet’s sharp eyes detect the hidden diamond or pearl,” writes Irving Layton in the Foreword to her new collection. “She has the amazing ability to petrify her insights and observations into a hieroglyph, a statuary that will transcend the moment, that will transcend time.

about the author
Nancy-Gay Rotstein has been internationally praised for her poetry, which includes the collections: China: Shockwaves; Taking Off; and Through the Eyes of A Woman. Her recent first novel, Shattering Glass, has been translated into eight languages. She lives near Toronto.
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