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by Roy MacGregor
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Roy MacGregor is one of Canada’s great writers of the outdoors, and in this delightful dockside reader, he offers a highly evocative and humorous collection of essays celebrating the Canadian cottage experience. Written in journal form, The Weekender takes us through a typical year—the pleasures, great and small, and the occasional pains of cottage living. From that first, essential opening-day plunge into a still-frigid lake to the last leap in at summer’s end, and everything in between, The Weekender reprises some of MacGregor’s classic writings from Cottage Life, The Globe and Mail, and National Post, and includes some brand new material, too. The Weekender is the perfect read for the cottage lover in all of us, a book to return to again and again, in summer and all year long.

about the author
Roy MacGregor has been a journalist for more than twenty years, and for the past decade, a regular contributor to Cottage Life magazine with his immensely popular “Weekender” column. He is the author of numerous bestselling and award-winning books, including Escape, Canoe Lake, A Life in the Bush, The Home Team, and the popular children’s mystery series The Screech Owls. He lives in Kanata, Ontario.
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