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by Gordon Cope
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Sometimes your wildest dreams really do come true. No-one knows this better than author Gordon Cope whose life took a very exciting turn when his wife, Linda, was offered a one-year posting to the world's dream destination-Paris, the City of Lights. Cope and Linda find the Paris of their dreams on the Right Bank of the Seine in Le Marais, a neighbourhood rich in controversy, conspiracy, culture, and madness-in short, their kind of place. In Paris, more than anywhere else, Cope is struck by the immediateness, the now, of his surroundings, amid centuries of history, and the subtle rhythms and pulses of the neighbourhood. His observations on life in Le Marais-its delightful residents, fascinating history, and sublime culinary experiences in the local brasseries and restaurants-are crystal clear and create an appealing intimacy.

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Gordon Cope

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