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by Bruce Kirkby
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From the bestselling author of Sand Dance. Stuck in an engineer’s cubicle, dutifully beginning the responsible adult life he was raised to undertake, Kirkby is tormented by doubts and boredom. In a fit of rebellion, he quits his job to bicycle the Karakoram Highway in northern Pakistan. He is twenty-two and absolutely clueless. Miraculously, hilariously, he survives — and discovers his life’s passion. Over the next fifteen years, Kirkby navigates an evermore uncertain and uncommon path, honing his skills on some of the most challenging expeditions the world has to offer. Whether it’s gun fights and crocodile attacks while running Africa’s Blue Nile Gorge, the rescue of a fallen sherpa on Mount Everest, evading capture in Myanmar’s forbidden tropical paradise, or learning to embrace the wilderness on the Tatshenshini River of Canada’s Arctic, Kirkby shares with the reader the excitement, doubts, insights, and even the uncomfortable self-knowledge that a life lived on the edge brings.

about the author
Bruce Kirkby, wilderness guide, paddler, mountaineer, and accomplished photographer, lives a life of challenge and exploration that the majority of us only dream of. Sharing those adventures is his passion. His writing has appeared in Time, The Globe and Mail, the National Post, and explore; his photographs in National Geographic, Outside, American Photo, and Maclean’s. His first book, Sand Dance, spent fourteen weeks on the national bestseller lists, and he has been singled out for his leadership and unique journeys by National Geographic and The Globe and Mail. When not travelling, Kirkby lives in Kimberley, B.C.
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Bruce Kirkby

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