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by Dr. Barbara Moses
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Women at Mid-life Tell the Truth about What Really Matters in Work, Relationships, and the Rest of Life. From the bestselling author of What Next? comes a deliciously frank and inspiring look at contemporary women and the life choices they make. “I am feverish with all the possibilities,” says one woman, of her life now. “I lost myself, my sense of being because I had to conform to an alpha male world. I would come out of meetings sick to my stomach, not because of what had happened in the meeting but because of what had happened to me,” says another of her life in a corporate organization. So just what does this generation of women, the first to “have it all,” have to say for themselves today? Lots, it turns out. Rueful, funny, bitchy, wise, women at mid-life are tired of trying to please and continually biting their tongues. They have worked, married, had children, divorced, chosen to stay home, and learned lots of life’s lessons — and they are more than happy to dish it all out for us. Through the skilful lens of renowned life coach Dr. Barbara Moses, the voices of over one thousand women are focused on the issues surrounding career, family, love and sex, friendship, and society. Through them, we see a brilliant snapshot of an entire generation, one that first tackled the glass ceiling and fought for equality at home and at work. We hear what they think of their lives now, of the choices they have made, what has made them happy, and what they would change for the second half of their lives. In Moses’s capable hands, these voices become welcome advice from a host of friends, a road map for future choices. Dish is addictively readable and full of wisdom, and it will change the face of self-help.

about the author
Dubbed “a Canadian career guru” by Fast Company magazine, Dr. Barbara Moses is a sought-after media commentator on career management. Dr. Moses appears frequently on network and local TV and radio, and is the bestselling author of What Next?: The Complete Guide to Taking Control of Your Working Life; The Good News About Careers; and Career Intelligence. She is a columnist for the Globe and Mail and the Wall Street Journal’s and is a featured expert on various websites. Dr. Moses lives in Toronto.
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Dr. Barbara Moses

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