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by Mayvis Anthony
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We all have heard of the few well-known Aesopís fables (such as The North Wind and the Sun and The Hen and the Golden Eggs) but how much do you know about the life of the man himself? Mayvis Anthony brings us this story in a truly unique book that includes both the rare, ancient biography of Aesop, the legendary 'father' of fables and over a hundred of his fables, many of them have been lost over time and are now brought back to print in this book. Here we see Aesop, born a slave in 550 BCE, but who eventually overcame his lowly status through sheer wit and intelligence. We follow him through his many memorable and sometimes, humorous encounters encounters with his master, Xanthus, a renowned philosopher of his time, his eventual rise to become a famous ambassador and then to his untimely end. This is a distillation of all the oldest biographies of Aesop, meticulously researched from many out-of-print resources and then brought to life in todayís modern language.

about the author
This is the first book edited by Mayvis Anthony whose belief in the modern wisdom of the fables and their relevance to our chaotic world today led her to rekindle interest in this ancient form of story-telling.
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Mayvis Anthony

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