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by Christopher Ondaatje
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Leonard Woolf, who, along with his wife, Virginia, was a founding member of the Bloomsbury movement, spent several years of his early career in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), assisting the small group of white administrators who ruled the colonial outpost in the early 1900s. Woolf’s sojourn there was personally significant, forever changing how he thought about imperialism and war. Sri Lanka, in all its vibrant glory, also lives profoundly in Christopher Ondaatje’s soul as the country of his birth. In this intimate memoir, Ondaatje travels in Woolf’s footsteps, brilliantly juxtaposing imperial Ceylon with its post-colonial incarnation. Along the way, a fascinating portrait of Woolf emerges, interwoven with Ondaatje’s own reflection on the nature of home and homeland. With an array of both historical and full colour contemporary photographs, combined with Ondaatje’s evocative narrative, Ceylon Revisited is an armchair adventurer’s delight.

about the author
SIR CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE is an internationally renownedauthor of eight books, including Hemingway in Africa and Journeyto the Source of the Nile. He was born in Ceylon, grew up in Englandand immigrated to Canada in 1956. He founded Pagurian Press in 1967, which laterbecame the Pagurian Corporation, eventually selling his business interests in1988 to return to the world of literature. He was named an Officer of the Orderof Canada in 1993 and awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s honours list in2003. He lives in London, England. Visit his website at
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Christopher Ondaatje

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