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by Dave Gormon
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What is Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure? • Dave’s creative way to procrastinate as much as possible while writing a novel for his UK publisher, Ebury. • The mysterious e-mail from Australia that read simply “Did you know you’re a googlewhack?” and Dave’s subsequent obsession with googlewhacking that took him three times around the the expense of the novel he was supposed to write. • This is Bill Bryson for a new generation, a hilarious book about the people Dave meets while he travels the globe for the strangers he has googlewhacked.

about the author
An award-winning comedian, storyteller and writer from the UK. Dave has won the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival Jury Prize for Best One Person Show. Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure has netted 60,000 copies to date since January 1, 2004, entering the Sunday Times Bestseller List at #1.
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