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by Edited by Tasha G. Oren and Patrice Petro
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Bringing together the best new work on contemporary media practices, technologies, and policies, the essayists in Global Currents argue that neither of these extreme views accurately represents the role of media technology today. New ways of thinking about film, television, music, and the Internet demonstrate that it is not only media technologies that affect the cultures into which they are introduced-it is just as likely that the receiving culture will change the media. This book is also used as a launch point for discussion about the effects technology has had in developing countries.

about the author
Tasha G. Oren is the author of Demon in the Box: Jews, Arabs, Politics and Culture in the Making of Israeli Television (Rutgers University Press), co-editor of Global Currents: Media and Technology Now (Rutgers University Press) and East Main Street: Asian American Popular Culture (New York University Press). She researches and teaches courses in Film and Media Theory, Globalization, Media history, screenwriting, and Popular Culture. Patrice Petro is Director of the Center for International Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Professor of English and Film Studies. Patrice received her Ph.D. in Film History and Theory from the Department of Communication Studies, Division of Broadcasting and Film at the University of Iowa.
featured guest
Amin Alhassan
Professor of Communication Studies, York University

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