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by Henig
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The author tells the story of that confrontation, which ushered in a new era in reproductive technology. She takes us back to the early days of IVF, when the procedure was viewed as crackpot science and its pioneers as outsiders in the medical world. Henig lays out the ethical and political battlefield of the 1970s -- a battlefield that is recreated with each new technology -- and traces the sea change that has occurred in the public perception of "test tube babies." Through the stories, Henig brings to life the argument made most forcefully against IVF in the early days: that it was the first step down the slippery slope toward genetic engineering, designer babies, and human clones. Pandora"s Baby is a compelling story from the not-so-distant past that brilliantly presents the scientific and ethical dilemmas we confront ever more starkly as germ-line engineering and human cloning become possible.

about the author
Simon Henig is a lecturer in British Politics at the Centre for Contemporary Political Issues, University of Sunderland. He has just completed a co-authored study on women in politics and has previously written on Labour's 1997 election campaign, following up his PhD on the growing regional electoral divide in Britain. He has made regular televised election appearances in the North East and has accurately predicted the results of the last two general elections.
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Dr. Cliff Librach, Fertility Expert

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