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by Heather Menzies
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Starting with a single observation, that no one seems to have time anymore, best-selling author Heather Menzies pulls the connecting threads to unravel the crisis of meaning and accountability threatening to paralyze society today. Seeing a link between various diseases of our times—from stress and depression among adults to Attention Deficit Disorder in kids— Menzies argues that what’s happening to people is also happening to institutions and society at large: the same inner disintegration of focus, the same chopping up and abbreviation of relationships, the same sense of being so scattered that it’s hard to know what’s real and what matters anymore. Somewhere between the multi-tasking pace and the sea of data divorced from real life, we’re losing touch with ourselves and with each other. We’re even losing a sense of how to tell when things go wrong and how to take action when they do. We need to take back our lives, and renew the humanity of our social institutions. It’s an ideas book, a piece of speculative non-fiction, and it speaks directly to what lies beneath the surface of many issues confronting society today.

about the author
Heather Menzies is an award-winning writer and scholar. She is an adjunct professor (School of Canadian Studies and Women’s Studies) and a sessional lecturer at Carleton University, Ottawa. She is the author of seven books, including the 1996 best-seller, Whose Brave New World? She also has contributed articles to international and North American journals and newspapers. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario.
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