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by John Frederick Moore
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Transform unexpected moments into recorded history with the convenience of your camera phone and help from this hands-on guide. Loaded with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of illustrations, this book will help you take better pictures, edit and enhance images, and transmit photos to your PC, the Web, other mobile phones, and email buddies. Improve your photography techniques with great advice on framing, lighting, depth of field, self portraits, action shots, and more. Print your favorites easily, and even set up a free Website where you can share your images and thoughts with the world.

about the author
John Frederick Moore has been a technology journalist for more than 10 years. His writing credits include such well-respected publications as, PC Magazine,,, and Business 2.0. He has written CNETís popular Quick Guide to Camera Phone Services.
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Kevin Haffenden
Owner, Bongo Wireless

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