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by Jeff Foster
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If you're in the business of motion graphics or desktop digital video production, you know that Adobe's After Effects and Photoshop are two of the most indispensable content creation tools. More integrated than ever before, the world's number-one compositing and image-editing programs can be used in tandem to create quality work at a relatively low cost. But it takes years of experience to figure out how to get the most out of this remarkable duo. With After Effects and Photoshop: Animation and Production Effects for DV and Film, graphics guru Jeff Foster has created the first book devoted to showing how you can use these two programs together to produce animations and effects on the desktop. This practical guide focuses exclusively on techniques commonly used in the field as well as cutting-edge production tricks. These hands-on projects will demystify cool Hollywood effects and help you solve your daily challenges. And they'll inspire you to think more artistically when approaching your creations.

about the author
Jeff Foster has been creating traditional and digital images, motion graphics, and special effects for over 20 years for clients such as Sanyo, McDonnell Douglas, FOX Television, Universal Studios, and Disney. He has authored and contributed to several Photoshop titles, including Photoshop Web Magic and Special Edition Using Photoshop. Foster has been a regular member of the Instructor Dream Team at Photoshop World and a featured speaker at the Macworld Conference and Expo.
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Paul Salvini
Chief Technology Officer & VP, Canadian Operations, Side Effects Software Inc. 2. Alias Wavefront

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