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by Olivier Hersent , Jean-Pierre Petit, David Gurle
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In 1999-2000, VoIP (Voice-over-IP) telephony was one of the most successful buzzwords of the telecom bubble era. However, in 2001-2003, VoIP faced a very tough reality check. Now, manufacturers and service providers are drawing on what they have learnt from past experience in order to prepare to participate in the next major challenge faced by the telecommunications industry. This book offers a comprehensive overview of the issues to solve in order to deploy global revenue-generating effective "multimedia" services. Drawing on extensive research and practical deployment experience in VoIP, the authors provide essential advice for those seeking to design and implement a post-bubble VoIP network.

about the author
Olivier Hersent is Chairman and CTO of NetCentrex, France (Market Leader in VoIP deployments in Europe). Jean-Pierre Petit is Head of Voice Technology at France Telecom. David Gurle is Vice President of Multimedia Communications for Reuters and was previously Head of the Real-Time Communications (VoIP) group at Microsoft.
featured guest
Joe Parent
Vice-President, Marketing & Business Development, Vonage Canada

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