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by Margaret Brouillette
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The Bible is full of heroes and examples for us to emulate. You do not need to look far to find men and women who turned their lives and wills over to God and whose lives exhort us to imitate their faith. But what about the jerks? You do not need to look far to find men and women who ruined their own lives and the lives of many others through their actions and behaviors. Some of them were redeemable. Some of them were not. In Famous Jerks of the Bible, Margaret Brouillette takes a look at these characters to teach us to avoid their mistakes.

about the author
Margaret Brouillette is a published writer whose articles have appeared in over fifty Christian publications including Virtue, Marriage Partnership, Christian Parenting, and Faith Today. One of her character profiles from Famous Jerks of the Bible was published by Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse in 1998. She currently lives with her husband and children in Saint Luc, Quebec, Canada.
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Margaret Brouillette

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