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by Father George Bernard Wong, S.J.
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From Booklist Wong, a Chinese-born Jesuit priest, provides a first-person account of his 25-year imprisonment by Chinese Communists. Devaux provides the broader historical context for the Communist revolution and its systematic repression of religion, and the efforts of Jesuits to spread their faith in China. The result is a merger of the Chinese culture and the religious culture of the Jesuits. Wong traveled to California in 1939 to begin studying for the priesthood. By the 1950s, when Wong returned to China, the Communists had begun to stamp out religion, terrorizing priests and other agents of the churches. Wong spent seven years in prison, eight years in forced labor camps, and was for several more years prevented from leaving China. He endured attempts at brainwashing and sessions of intimidation and humiliation, during which he was accused of idealism. Wong secretly continued the practice of his religion and ministered to others, surreptitiously baptizing those who requested it. He recounts how the tenets of the Jesuit and Buddhist religions helped him and other prisoners resist Chinese repression. Inspirational. Vanessa Bush Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

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